Tua Raroa wanted to quit smoking on his 50th birthday and he didn’t mind documenting his journey through videos shared on our facebook. With each video having over 3000 views, Tua is glad he could share his story and he has been receiving plenty of comments on the facebook posts.

Tua has also on a weight loss journey and has managed to lose 10 kilograms by changing what he eats and dusting off the rowing machine to be active again, “I have been smoking since I was 18 and I wanted to make the change for my family but also for my health” says Tua. 

For the last 2 years, Tua has been giving up his time 3 days a week to lead the Magpies Softball Club as Chairman and Coach to the girls team. One video entry included a message from the team showing their support. Tua has been nominated for The Trusts Sport Waitakere Excellence Awards and is a finalist for Coach of the Year.