Students from Ranui Primary School have been instrumental in designing a healthier snack pack as part of the Ranui Kai Lab project. The Ranui Kai Lab are a group of people who work, live and have an interest in Ranui and are looking at ways to support people in Ranui to make food choices for their health and well being. Members include our Activators, Settings Coordinators, Ranui Community House, Volutneers and Resilio design studio. 

The opportunity to work alongside a group of students from Rānui Primary School to design a healthier snack pack was a chance to create an alternative to the $2.50 sugar loaded and nutrient poor-snack packs currently available at dairies on the way to school.  In the first phase of this project the lab team facilitated 6 co-design workshops where year 4 students developed the food contents, name, packaging, logo, promotion and sales. Students decided on “Rānui Power Pack” for the name and a super hero on the logo.

This first phase of this project was a success. The lab team managed to co-create a healthier snack pack that costs just under $2.50 with ingredients from each of the four food groups. The lab team is looking forward the second phase of the project where they involve more stake holders and community members to find ways to reduce the cost and create profit.