Reshaping what is considered normal for children to drink when attending inter school sports events was a challenge that Sport Waitakere took on and through support from the Healthy Families Waitakere team have now influenced 20 events, across 12 schools with 6000 young people participating over the last year.

Throughout the year, the Sport Waitakere team have been promoting water to schools through posters, encouraging students to bring water bottles and providing water at every Sport Waitakere event. 15 of these 20 events have been “water only” and this has been very positively received by all schools involved.

At the South-West Winter Field Day event attracting over 700 students, water was promoted before and throughout the day. One of the venues hosting the netball competition had a canteen on site so in order to keep water messages consistent, Healthy Families Waitakere worked with canteen operator Fernz Catering to trial a water and sandwich deal on the day. Fernz Catering also moved their bottled water to be more visible to students and saw and increase in water sales throughout the day.
As the lead organisation for Healthy Families Waitakere, Sport Waitakere are using their reach into community to share messaging around water and encouraging others to join the water movement.

Sport Waitakere CEO and Chairperson of the Healthy Families Waitakere Leadership Group Lynette Adams recently signed the Healthy Families Waitakere water pledge reinforcing their stance on healthy food and drinks at Sport Waitakere events. 

Image: Staff from Fernz Catering next to their water promotions during the South-West Winter Field Day event at Netball Waitakere