Healthy Families Waitakere Activator Regina Wypych has coordinated a series of workshops to be available to West Auckland ECEs.  

72 early childhood education staff from across 29 centres attended workshops on Physical Literacy, Funskills, He Pī Ka Rere and Kahuku Kai Culture throughout the month of May. 

18 of those who attended, participated in two or more of the workshops gaining a wide range of knowledge on physical activity and healthy food for under 5's. 

Various organisations delivered the workshops including Sport Waitakere (Physical Literacy and Funskills), AKTIVE's He Oranga Poutama (He Pī Ka Rere) and Auckland Regional Public Health Service (Kahuku Kai Culture). 

Due to the success of these workshops, more workshops with more organisations such as Healthy Start Workforce Project and Watersafe Auckland are happening for the remainder of 2017. 

Insights gathered from local staff and stakeholders along with information from the Auckland University OPUSS Under 5's project showed a need for professional development so Regina Wypych coordinated the promotion and delivery of workshops.