A report released by the Ministry of Health has highlighted the key achievements of Healthy Families Waitakere in developing and implementing prevention-based systems change for the Waitakere community throughout its first three years of action. Healthy Families is a national large-scale initiative that brings community leadership together in a united effort for better health.

Through this report, Healthy Families Waitakere was acknowledged as achieving notable success through collaboration with local partners and implementing coordinated approaches to chronic disease prevention for over 156,000 people living in the Waitakere region.

Healthy Families Waitakere Manager, Kerry Allan, says this capability will take Healthy Families Waitakere from strength to strength.

“Healthy Families Waitakere has worked closely and developed a strong, collaborative approach with community partners, proving invaluable in supporting community-led codesign and capability building. In particular, our relationship with Sport Waitakere as our Lead Provider has enabled both teams the opportunity to extend our networks, share capabilities and reflects a growing alignment in our approaches, language, teams and programmes.”

The work Healthy Families Waitakere undertook supporting the Water Only Schools Movement was also recognised for its role in securing funding for 13 new water fountains in schools, with 40 new water fountains in schools reported as installed. To date, over 30 schools have benefited from the support of Healthy Families Waitakere and funding from the Trusts Community Foundation.

A “mana enhancing” approach is embedded in the overall strategy to ensure knowledge sharing with a Māori lens, including the re-energising of a Māori stakeholder rōpū as well as being conscious of, and using, te ao Māori concepts where applicable, such as maramataka.

Reflecting on the past four years, Kerry Allan is confident a secure foundation has been laid to pave the way for Healthy Families Waitakere to stride forward into the future.

“Healthy Families Waitakere continues to operate with integrity and purpose and develop initiatives to cater to our diverse communities in the Waitakere region. Looking ahead to the next four years, Healthy Families Waitakere will continue to connect, collaborate and empower Waitakere’s community leaders to develop prevention-based change for its people.”

Photo by Kyle Myburgh on Unsplash